How to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts? 6 Ways

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Ever wondered how those cool gadgets or trendy clothes you see on social media end up in your shopping cart? It might be the work of Amazon Influencers! These are people who use their social media platforms to share their love for different products, often promoting them through their Amazon Storefronts.

But how to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts? Don’t worry, this guide will show you how step-by-step, just like explaining things to a friend!

What is an Amazon Influencer?

How to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts
Amazon Influencers

An Amazon influencer is someone who is part of Amazon’s influencer program. Influencers apply and get approved by Amazon. Once approved, the influencer gets their special link and storefront.

When the influencer recommends products, they share their special link. If someone buys a product using that link, the influencer earns money.

Influencers also get an Amazon storefront. This is a page on Amazon’s website that shows all the products the influencer recommends. Their storefront works like an online shop.

Many influencers promote their links and storefronts on social media websites like Instagram and TikTok. They try to get people to click their links and visit their Amazon storefronts.

Why Do Brands Work with Amazon Influencers?

Why Do Brands Work with Amazon Influencers
Why Do Brands Work with Amazon Influencers

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, influencer collaborations have emerged as a game-changer, with a staggering 88% of shoppers admitting to being swayed into purchases by influencer recommendations. This statistic alone underscores the impactful role of influencer marketing in today’s consumer landscape.

For businesses looking to amplify their presence on Amazon, leveraging influencers comes with distinct advantages:

Effortless Shopping Experience

Amazon’s widespread trust and recognition offer a seamless shopping journey. With over 75 million households boasting an Amazon Prime membership, many of whom frequent the platform multiple times a week, the platform’s credibility can significantly ease the purchasing decisions for new customers. Brands benefit from Amazon’s established trust, reducing the hesitance often associated with buying from unfamiliar websites.

Widened Audience Reach

Partnering with Amazon influencers opens doors to vast new audiences, a crucial advantage, especially for emerging brands seeking visibility. Even without a strong social media footprint of your own, influencer partnerships can effectively bridge that gap, ensuring your products are showcased to a broader, engaged audience.

Showcasing Products Authentically

Perhaps the most compelling advantage of influencer collaborations is their ability to demonstrate products in real-world scenarios. Influencers, with their creative flair, excel at highlighting the best features of your products, offering potential customers a genuine glimpse into how they could enrich their lives.

How to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts

Here are 5 ways on how to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts:

1. Browse Creators on Amazon Live and #FoundItOnAmazon

Amazon Live
Amazon Live

Check Amazon Live Amazon Live is Amazon’s live video streaming feature. Influencers use it to show and discuss products live. Watch Amazon Live streams to find influencers to partner with.

Search #FoundItOnAmazon This is a feed on Amazon showing photos of products influencers have recommended. Look through it to discover new influencers.

2. Explore #Amazon Hashtags on Instagram and TikTok

Explore #Amazon Hashtags on Instagram and TikTok
Explore #Amazon Hashtags on Instagram and TikTok

Search Instagram and TikTok Use hashtags like #AmazonFinds, #FoundItOnAmazon, and #AmazonFashion to locate influencers. Click the link in their Instagram or TikTok bio to access their Amazon storefront.

How to find Amazon influencers through Instagram

Use the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon.

Use the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon.
  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonFashion 
  • #AmazonDeals 
  • #AmazonMustHaves
  • #AmazonHome 

Hashtags for Amazon Influencers on TikTok

  • #AmazonFinds
  • #AmazonHaul 
  • #AmazonFashion
  • #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt 
  • #FoundItOnAmazon

3. Find Amazon Influencers That Already Engage With You

Amazon Influencers That Already Engage With You
Amazon Influencers That Already Engage With You

Look for Influencers Among Your Followers See if any existing followers promote Amazon products. Check if they have an Amazon storefront listed in their social media bios.

Use an Influencer Marketing Platform Sites like Influencity and Statusphere have large databases of influencers. Their advanced filters make searching for the perfect Amazon influencers simple.

4. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library
Facebook Ads Library

If you are worrying about “How to Find Amazon Influencers and Their Storefronts?” Certainly! To find Amazon influencers using the Facebook Ads Library, simply visit the library, search for a Facebook page by name, and review the active ads to identify any promoting Amazon products. This method helps pinpoint influencers already engaged in relevant product promotions efficiently.

5. Utilize influencer marketing platforms like AspireIQ or Traackr


AspireIQ and Traackr are influencer marketing platforms that help brands connect with influencers, manage campaigns, and analyze results. AspireIQ focuses on easy discovery and campaign management across social media, while Traackr offers in-depth insights into influencer performance and audience demographics for strategic decision-making. Both platforms provide comprehensive tools for optimizing influencer marketing strategies.

6. Twitter


To find influencers on Twitter, start by defining your niche and identifying keywords. Use the search bar and hashtags to discover top tweets and profiles. Check industry-specific Twitter lists for curated suggestions. Focus on engagement metrics over follower count. Utilize Twitter’s Advanced Search for refined results. Stay updated on trends and influential voices. Review profiles for niche alignment. Engage by liking and retweeting posts. Reach out with a personalized message to propose collaborations, emphasizing mutual benefits.

Hashtags for Amazon Influencers on Twitter

  1. #AmazonInfluencers
  2. #AmazonReviews
  3. #AmazonFinds
  4. #AmazonFavorites
  5. #AmazonHaul
  6. #AmazonDeals
  7. #AmazonPrime
  8. #AmazonMustHaves
  9. #AmazonFashion
  10. #AmazonBeauty

List of Amazon Storefronts

Amazon Storefront ExampleDescription
PirqKnown for selling protein shakes that are non-GMO, Vegan, Keto, and Kosher. They use video upfront to visually tell their story and capture attention.
Colorful KosOffers a creative storefront design.
Terrasoul FoodsFocuses on a catalog-centric approach.
Equal ExchangeEmphasizes value orientation in their storefront.
Death Wish CoffeeMakes a clear statement with their design and content.
PBfitKnown for selling protein shakes that are Non-GMO, Vegan, Keto, and Kosher. They use video upfront to visually tell their story and capture attention.
HuKnown for its mobile-friendly design.

What Makes a Good Amazon Influencer?

When picking an influencer, look for these traits:

  • Creative, high-effort content – Their posts should showcase products, not just list them.
  • A well-organized storefront – Group products into neat collections followers will like.
  • Posts about more than just Amazon – Share other types of content to grow their audience.

Partnering With Influencers Reaching out to potential influencer partners is the next step. Be ready to:

  • Send them partnership emails
  • Provide free product samples
  • Answer their questions
  • Negotiate pricing
  • Give posting guidelines

An influencer marketing platform can automate these time-consuming parts of working with influencers. This leaves you free to focus on your business!

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon influencers are content creators part of Amazon’s program
  • Brands work with them because they help sell more products
  • Check sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon itself to find influencers
  • Partner with creative influencers who engage their audience
  • Use a platform to save time managing influencer outreach

We hope these tips help you discover fantastic Amazon influencers and storefronts! Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions.

Final Words

Finding the right Amazon Influencers and their storefronts can be a powerful way to boost your brand awareness, increase sales, and reach a targeted audience. By following the tips in this guide on how to Find Amazon Influencers, you can unlock the potential of influencer marketing and build a successful collaboration that benefits everyone involved.

Remember, the key is to be strategic, build genuine connections, and measure your results. With dedication and a little creativity, you can leverage the power of Amazon Influencers to take your business to the next level!