Temu Influencer Program Reviews: All You Need to Know

Temu Influencer Program Reviews

The Temu Influencer Program has been attracting a lot of attention lately. As a Temu user and influencer, many people have been asking me about my experience with it and if it’s legitimate and worth it.

In this post, I am going to give you all the details and provide some genuine Temu influencer program reviews to help you decide whether or not to sign up as a Temu influencer.

What is the Temu Influencer Program?

Temu Influencer Program Reviews
Temu Influencer Program Reviews

The Temu Influencer Program allows users to sign up to promote Temu products on their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc in exchange for monetary commissions. As an influencer, you get your unique promo code that provides discounts to your followers. When someone uses your promo code to make a purchase, you receive a commission.

Temu influencer program reviews from real influencers show that this can be a great way to earn some extra income if you have a good social media following in your niche. But how does it compare to other influencer programs out there? Let’s find out the pros and cons!

Pros of the Temu Influencer Program

Here are the main advantages of joining the Temu influencer program:

1. High Commission Rates

High Commission Rates
High Commission Rates

Temu offers a tier-based commission structure ranging from 10-20%. According to Temu influencer program reviews, some people have managed to make between $500 to as high as $5,000 per month. This means the earning potential is quite high compared to other affiliate programs.

The more followers you can get to use your Temu promo code, the more you earn in commissions. If you have a strong presence on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, you can easily drive lots of traffic and sales to Temu.

2. Genuine Brand with Good Products

The cool thing about Temu is that it sells popular brand-name items at super low prices. For instance, they sell Crayola, Under Armor, Loreal, etc.

So as an influencer, you are promoting good quality, known brands that people want to buy instead of some new product no one has heard of. This leads to higher conversions and earnings for you.

According to Temu influencer program reviews, most influencers are happy with the variety and quality of products that Temu offers. Customers also seem satisfied with the items they have purchased using Temu coupon codes. This makes it more enticing for influencers to sign up and promote Temu.

3. No Minimum Sales Requirements

A major positive I found in many Temu influencer program reviews is that there are no minimum sales requirements to worry about. Some influencer programs require you to drive X number of sales every month otherwise you are removed from the program.

Temu does not have any such conditions. You earn commissions on any sales you drive without worrying about meeting a monthly quota. This is great for people just starting as influencers.

4. Simple Application Process

The application process to become a Temu influencer is very simple and quick. Just fill out a form with some basic personal and account details and you will get approved within a few days. The requirements are pretty straightforward:

  • Have a website, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook with a good number of engaged followers in a broad niche
  • Be a Temu user with some purchase history from the app
  • Write 4 posts per month featuring Temu products

As you can see, there is no extensive application and onboarding process like some other affiliate programs. Temu influencer program reviews confirm that people can start promoting Temu products within a week of signing up as an influencer.

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Cons of the Temu Influencer Program

No program is perfect though. Here are some downsides to consider:

1. Payment Processing Delays

Payment Processing Delays
Payment Processing Delays

The most common negative I came across in Temu influencer program reviews was payment delays. Many influencers mentioned that payments could take anywhere from 30 to 90 days after reaching the payout threshold of $30.

For smaller influencers who are only earning a few hundred dollars, this long payment processing time is very inconvenient. Temu needs to streamline its affiliate payment system.

2. Lack of Detailed Analytics

Another con is the lack of detailed analytics available to track traffic and conversions driven through your promo code. Without sufficient analytics, it is difficult to figure out your top-performing posts. Temu needs to improve by providing performance metrics and analytics to influencers. This data would allow influencers to optimize their posts to increase sales.

3. Technical Issues

Considering Temu is still a newly launched app, it still has some technical bugs and issues that need to be smoothed out. Sometimes product images may disappear or the app crashes.

As a Temu influencer, these glitches can negatively impact your audience. Temu should work on fixing these bugs quickly so users and influencers have a seamless experience using their app.

Is the Temu Influencer Program Worth It?

So is becoming a Temu influencer ultimately worth it? Here’s a quick pros vs cons analysis:


  • Generous commission rates up to 20%
  • Reputable brand with good products
  • No minimum monthly sales requirements
  • Simple application process


  • Payment delays reported
  • Lack of detailed performance analytics
  • Technical glitches

Considering the high earning upside potential of promoting a popular brand with good products, the Temu Influencer Program is worthwhile to join in 2023. If they can improve their payment processing time and fix app issues, it has the potential to become one of the top affiliate programs.

How Much Can You Make as a Temu Influencer?

Incomes can vary depending on your niche, content quality, and follower engagement levels. Here are some potential earnings:


Followers: 1,000 – 20,000 Monthly Income: $100 – $500

This is a great option for everyday folks wanting to test out influencer marketing. Reach this tier through consistent high-quality content and engagement with your audience.

Mid-Tier Influencers

Followers: 20,000 – 200,000 Monthly Income: $500 – $3,000

At this level, you have grown a strong loyal community that looks to you for recommendations. You can earn a nice side income promoting Temu a few hours a week.

Macro Influencers

Followers: 200,000+
Monthly Income: $3,000 – $5,000+

With a top-tier, targeted follower base in the millions, you can set up multiple income streams through Temu affiliate commissions.

Keep in mind, to maximize earnings focus on platforms like TikTok and Instagram where you can drive lots of traffic and conversions through a shoppable integrated experience.

The earning potential promotes Temu makes it a very enticing side income opportunity for all tiers of influencers.

Final Thoughts

I hope this genuine Temu influencer program review gives you a well-rounded perspective on the pros, cons, and earning potential as a Temu influencer. While there are still some fixes and improvements needed on Temu’s end, it offers an exciting opportunity for influencers to earn great commissions promoting a high-quality, popular brand.

The application process is quick and the ongoing requirements are minimal. If you already have an engaged social media following as a blogger or content creator, becoming a Temu influencer is worth trying out. You can potentially make anywhere from a few hundred to thousands in side income each month.

Have you signed up as a Temu influencer yet? What has your experience been so far? Let me know in the comments!