Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? (2024 Updated)

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes

While many addresses use a traditional mailbox, some people prefer to use PO boxes to receive their mail and packages.

PO boxes are a collection of mailboxes at a post office that provides a secure place for mail and packages to be delivered, so recipients don’t have to worry about theft or damage.

If you want an Amazon package delivered to your PO box, you may wonder if it’s possible.

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes
Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes

Yes, Amazon does deliver to PO boxes.

However, there are some limitations:

  • You cannot get Same-Day delivery with a PO box address.
  • You also do not qualify for 2-day Delivery with a PO box address.
  • Expect deliveries to arrive within 3-7 business days, if not later.

Not all carriers or sellers on Amazon will deliver to a PO box. While Amazon itself may be able to deliver to your PO box, certain sellers might not if they use a carrier that can’t deliver to PO boxes.

You’ll be able to see immediately if your order can go to your PO box when placing it. You’ll also know which Prime benefits, if any, qualify for delivery.

So Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? there are restrictions.

How To Get Amazon Packages To A PO Box From Carriers That Don’t Deliver There

If you find a product on Amazon that the seller can’t ship to a PO box, you still have options to get it delivered there:

Use USPS General Delivery

Use USPS General Delivery
Use USPS General Delivery

One good way to get a package to your PO box is with the USPS General Delivery service. This is usually used by people without permanent addresses, like RV owners or remote workers.

General Delivery allows you to use the post office address in your city as a temporary mailing address. Just put “General Delivery” as the address, along with the city, state, and zip code.

The carrier will bring your package to the post office, where you can pick it up. Note that not all post offices offer General Delivery. There are also limits on how often you can use it.

USPS Package Intercept

Another option is the USPS Package Intercept. For a fee, you can have the post office look for your package and redirect it to a different facility, like your local post office.

You can do this if the General Delivery location is far from you. Your local post office may even put the package right in your PO box.

Submit the request ASAP after shipping to increase the chances of interception. You’re only charged if they successfully intercept it.

USPS Street Addressing

Some post offices let you use the street address along with your PO box number. Carriers can then deliver to your PO box at that facility.

Check if your local USPS offers Street Addressing. You get a new address to use for packages that carriers normally won’t deliver to a PO box.

When Would Amazon Not Deliver To A PO Box?

While Amazon delivers to PO boxes in most cases, some restrictions can prevent it:

Package Size

If an Amazon package is too large or heavy for your PO box size, they can’t complete delivery. The box needs to both fit inside your PO box and not exceed the weight limit.

Signature Required

Signature Required
Signature Required

For expensive or high-value items, Amazon may require a signature on delivery. Since there’s no one to sign at a PO box, these packages can’t go there.

Delivery By Independent Contractors

Some Amazon deliveries are handled by independent contractors without access to PO boxes. So those packages would have to go to a street address.

How To Use PO Box As Your Shipping Address On Amazon?

For your Amazon package to be delivered to your PO Box, you must fill in your address correctly when entering your shipping information. To make sure your package is delivered to your PO Box, follow these simple instructions:

  • Enter the PO Box number in the first line of the Shipping Address field
  • Avoid entering any other information in any other address fields.
  • As long as your PO Box number is in the first line of the Shipping Address field, Amazon will read it as the PO Box address, and it will be the only shipping address for the shipment.

How Do I Enter A PO Box Address On Amazon?

After you fill out your delivery information, Amazon will notify you if your order may be transported to your PO Box. Here are the step-by-step instructions for entering your delivery information for Amazon to deliver your package to your PO Box:

  • Log in to your Amazon account. Log in to your Amazon account, select the “Your Account” tab, and click “Address Book”. If you don’t have an existing Amazon account, you can create one and then sign in to your Amazon account.
  • check this out. After making your selections, add the items to your cart. After adding the items to your cart, click “Checkout” and choose the “Enter Shipping Address” menu item.
  • Enter shipping information. When you reach the shipping address page, start filling in your details and include your full PO Box address in the first line of the address field. The second address line should be left blank.
  • Complete your purchase and checkout. Once you have completed the shipping information, go to the “Save and Continue” button and continue the checkout process until your order is confirmed.

Where To Send Amazon Packages If Not Your PO Box

If Amazon won’t deliver to your PO box, here are some places you can send packages instead:

Amazon Hub Lockers

Have your packages sent to secure Amazon Hub Lockers in stores, malls, etc. You’ll get a pickup code and can access your locker anytime. This option is free.

The UPS Store

UPS locations will receive and hold your Amazon packages for pickup during store hours. Just use the store’s address and show your ID when picking it up.

A Trusted Neighbor

If you have a neighbor with a street address, ask them to accept packages for you. Put their address as the shipping address so carriers will deliver there.

People also ask

Does Amazon deliver to PO boxes in Canada?

Yes, delivers to PO boxes in Canada, but with some restrictions. Signature-required packages and oversized items may not be deliverable. Prime members also don’t qualify for free 1-day shipping with a PO box address.

Can packages be delivered to PO boxes?

Yes, packages can be delivered to post office boxes. However, there are size and weight restrictions, so larger and heavier packages may not fit or be allowed. Carriers like FedEx and UPS don’t deliver to PO boxes.

How much is an Amazon PO Box?

Amazon doesn’t offer PO box rentals. You would need to rent a PO box from the United States Postal Service or a private company like The UPS Store. USPS PO box rental fees start at around $40-60 per 6 months, depending on box size. Private PO boxes are more expensive.


In conclusion, Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? which provides privacy and security without needing a physical address? But there are limitations, like oversized or signature-required packages. Using alternatives like Amazon Lockers or neighbor’s addresses ensures you can still get your Amazon orders securely.