Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida?

Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida

Discover where and when you can legally sleep in your car in Florida with our comprehensive guide. Explore legal overnight parking options, safety tips, and FAQs on rest stops, Walmarts, and avoiding DUIs in the Sunshine State.

Sleeping in your car can be a convenient and affordable way to rest during a long road trip. However, there are laws in Florida that restrict where and when you can sleep in a car. This blog post will explore the legalities around sleeping in your car in Florida so you can stay safe and avoid fines.

So let’s discuss one by one the Florida laws and find a place Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida?

Overview of Florida Laws on Sleeping in Vehicles

Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida
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Florida law prohibits sleeping in vehicles on public roads or rights of way. You cannot park your car overnight on a city street or highway shoulder and sleep in it. Doing so can result in a non-criminal traffic citation.

There are also restrictions on sleeping in cars at rest areas along Florida highways. You can only sleep in your vehicle at a rest stop for a maximum of 3 hours before having to move on.

Many individual cities and counties in Florida also have local ordinances against sleeping in vehicles. These laws can vary, so it’s important to check regulations for the specific area you are in.

Overall, the laws are aimed at keeping roadways clear and preventing semi-permanent camping in vehicles. But there are still legal options for catching some sleep in your car when traveling through Florida.

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Where You CAN Legally Sleep in a Car in Florida

While you can’t sleep just anywhere, there are some locations where sleeping in your car is allowed in Florida:

Walmart & Truck Stop Parking Lots

Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida
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Many Walmart stores allow RVs and cars to be parked overnight in their parking lots. This is generally tolerated unless posted with signs restricting overnight parking. Some truck stops also allow car sleeping. Just be sure to verify the policy at that specific location before getting too comfortable.

Campgrounds & RV Parks

These facilities allow overnight camping and sleeping in vehicles. State parks and private campgrounds are available throughout Florida for a nightly fee. This is the most secure and permitted option.

Residential Driveways

If you have a friend or relative in Florida, sleeping in their residential driveway or parking area is perfectly legal. As long as the homeowner approves, you can sleep in a car on their private property.

Hotel & Motel Parking Lots

Where Can I Legally Sleep in My Car in Florida
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Many hotels and motels allow guests to sleep in vehicles in their designated parking areas. Some may require you to register at the front desk or get a parking permit. Check with the establishment first before assuming it’s allowed.

Tips for Legally and Safely Sleeping in Your Car

If you do decide to catch some zzz in your car while traveling through the Sunshine State, keep these tips in mind:

  • Obey all posted parking signs and markings. Don’t park where there are restrictions.
  • Avoid parking on any public street or roadway overnight. Stick to designated parking lots.
  • Keep your doors locked and park in well-lit areas. This adds safety and reduces the risk of break-ins.
  • Use window shades or reflectors to block views into the car and conceal yourself.
  • Choose inconspicuous parking spots, away from a business entrance or homes.
  • Have valid ID and registration documents available in case they are requested.
  • Keep the engine off and avoid running the AC or heat overnight to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use a sunshade in the windshield to reduce daytime heat buildup inside the car.

Following these tips will help you find legal and secure overnight parking spots to sleep in your car around Florida.

Case Study: Sleeping in Cars in Fort Lauderdale

To understand how Florida’s laws apply in an actual city, let’s look at Fort Lauderdale. Sleeping overnight in vehicles is prohibited on public streets in Fort Lauderdale. But there are still options for getting rest when needed.

Walmart Parking

Most Walmarts in and around Fort Lauderdale allow overnight parking. Several Supercenter locations allow car sleeping, assuming the vehicle is in good condition. Just double-check signage when you arrive and park away from the store entrance.

Rest Areas

There are a couple of rest areas on I-95 near Fort Lauderdale, including the Fort Lauderdale Service Plaza. These allow car sleeping for up to 3 hours before requiring vehicles to vacate.

Driveway Crashing

If you have friends or family in the area, sleeping in their driveway or parking area is perfectly legal. Just be sure to get their permission first.


Numerous hotels in Fort Lauderdale permit overnight sleeping in cars for guests who have checked in or purchased parking passes. Examples include the Riverside Hotel and the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Hotel.

By following Fort Lauderdale’s regulations, you can sleep comfortably and safely in a car when traveling through the area.

The Risks of Illegally Sleeping in Your Car

Although sleeping in a vehicle can seem harmless, doing so where prohibited can carry legal consequences in Florida.

If caught by police, you may receive a non-criminal moving violation. Penalties for the first offense can include:

  • A $500 fine
  • 3 points added to your driver’s license

Repeat offenses can result in increased fines of up to $1,000 and suspension of your license.

You also run the risk of having your car impounded if it’s parked somewhere illegal overnight and then ticketed by police. This can make getting it back a big hassle.

Finally, sleeping where you shouldn’t raise safety issues too. Parking illegally means you might not notice posted signs, be in a dangerous spot, or fail to take proper precautions.

That’s why it’s critical to understand Florida’s rules and only sleep where permitted. The small hassle of finding a legal parking area is worth avoiding legal issues down the road.

People Usually Ask

Is it illegal to sleep at a rest stop in Florida?

No, sleeping in your vehicle at a Florida rest stop is legal for up to 3 hours. After that time, you need to vacate and continue your travels.

Can you sleep overnight at a Walmart in Florida?

Most Walmarts do allow overnight sleeping in cars, RVs, and trucks. However, check for any posted signs prohibiting it before assuming it’s allowed at a specific store.

What if I’m drunk and sleep in my car? Can I still get a DUI?

Yes. Even if your car is parked with the engine off, sleeping in the driver’s seat while intoxicated can still result in a DUI charge in Florida if you have access to the keys.

Where are the safest places to sleep in a car in Florida?

The safest places are campgrounds, RV parks, residential driveways of people you know, and hotel/motel parking lots where car sleeping is permitted. Avoid parking on public streets or unauthorized lots.

Can I get my car towed for sleeping in it illegally?

Yes, police may order your car towed if it’s parked somewhere overnight where sleeping or camping in vehicles is prohibited. This will add towing and impound fees.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleeping overnight in vehicles on public roads, highway shoulders, and unauthorized public areas is generally prohibited in Florida.
  • You can legally sleep in cars at rest stops for under 3 hours, at Walmarts, campgrounds, driveways, and hotels that allow it.
  • Obey parking signs, choose well-lit spots, and keep doors locked and shades up for safety.
  • Penalties like fines, license points, and impounding can result from illegally sleeping in cars.
  • Understand and follow local laws on where sleeping in vehicles is allowed to avoid legal issues.

The laws on sleeping in your car in Florida aim to keep roadways clear while providing safe and reasonable overnight rest options. By knowing the rules and where it is legal, you can get the rest you need while traveling through the state.