What is Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement?

Planet Fitness's Total Body Enhancement

Planet Fitness, a leader in the fitness industry, offers a unique service known as Total Body Enhancement. This innovative feature is available exclusively to Planet Fitness Black Card members, emphasizing the gym’s commitment to providing cutting-edge wellness technology alongside its traditional workout equipment.

In this article, we will delve into what Total Generational Skincare consists of, how it works, and the benefits it can offer users.

Understanding Total Body Enhancement

Planet Fitness's Total Body Enhancement
Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement

Total Body Enhancement is a service that combines red light therapy and vibration training technology in a single machine called the Beauty Angel RVT 30. The machine is a booth-like setup that offers a holistic approach to fitness and skin care. The key components of this system are designed to work synergistically to improve the user’s health and aesthetic appearance.

The Science of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy in the Total Body Enhancement booth utilizes a specific wavelength of light emitted via an array of lamps. This light penetrates the skin to 8-10 millimeters, stimulating cellular energy and regeneration. Studies suggest that red light therapy can help:

  • Enhance collagen production, leading to smoother, firmer skin.
  • Reduce inflammation and redness in the skin.
  • Promote healing, thereby accelerating the recovery from muscle fatigue.

Vibration Training Dynamics

The vibration plate in the Total Body Enhancement machine offers a non-impact, muscle-stimulating experience. Standing on the plate during the session can yield several fitness benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle strength due to the repetitive contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers.
  • Improved circulation, is crucial for flushing out toxins and aiding in muscle recovery.
  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion.

Benefits of Total Body Enhancement

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Studies show that red light therapy can increase collagen production by up to 35% after multiple sessions, significantly impacting skin elasticity and smoothness. Additionally, vibration training has been found to improve muscle strength by up to 20% in participants who engaged in regular sessions over 6 months, demonstrating the tangible benefits of incorporating Total Body Enhancement into your fitness regime.

Improved Physical Fitness

The combination of red light therapy with vibration training can enhance your physical performance and endurance. This is particularly beneficial for those who might find traditional exercise challenging due to physical limitations or those seeking to add a low-impact supplement to their rigorous training regimen.

Enhanced Skin Health

Regular use of the Total Body Enhancement booth can lead to noticeable improvements in skin texture and tone. The stimulation of collagen and elastin production can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin elasticity.

Weight Management Support

While not a replacement for a healthy diet or regular exercise, the metabolic increase from vibration training in the Total Body Endowment booth can assist in managing weight by enhancing the rate at which calories are burned.

Stress Reduction

The soothing effects of red light combined with the rhythmic movement of the vibration platform can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. This makes it an excellent option for a cool-down routine after a strenuous workout or a stressful day.

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Can Total Body Enhancement Cause Cancer?

No, Total Body Enhancement does not cause cancer. It utilizes red light therapy, which involves safe, non-ionizing light that doesn’t have the energy to damage DNA or cellular structures associated with cancer development.

This therapy is widely regarded as safe and is approved for various therapeutic applications. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment regimen.

How to Use Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness's Total Body Enhancement
Planet Fitness’s Total Body Enhancement

The Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness is a machine that combines red light therapy with vibration therapy to provide various health benefits. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Make an Appointment: Check in at the front desk for your turn.
  2. Prepare: Dress down to your comfort level before entering the machine.
  3. Settings: Once inside, choose your settings for the fan, music, vibration, and audio guide on the control panel.
  4. Session: Enjoy a 12-minute session.
  5. Aftercare: After the session, wipe down the machine for hygiene.
  6. Frequency: For optimal results, use the machine two or three times a week.

Remember to remove all jewelry before starting, and you may want to wear protective eyewear during the session. Adjust the vibration intensity to your comfort, and follow any voice prompts provided during the session. It’s recommended to use the booth post-workout for the best experience.

For more detailed instructions, you might want to watch tutorial videos or read guides that can walk you through the process. Enjoy your session!

Who Can Benefit from Total Body Enhancement?

Total Body Enhancement is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for:

  • Those looking to improve their skin’s appearance and combat the signs of aging.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their physical fitness without putting excessive strain on their bodies.
  • Anyone looking to complement their existing fitness regimen with a recovery tool that aids in muscle healing and stress reduction.

Final Words

Planet Fitness’s Red Light Therapy offers a multifaceted solution to those seeking to enhance their physical well-being and aesthetic appeal through a single, innovative machine.

By combining the restorative properties of red light therapy with the muscle-activating effects of vibration training, this service provides a comprehensive approach to fitness and health that can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any individual.

As with any fitness technology, results may vary, but the potential benefits it offers make it a valuable addition to any fitness journey.

People Also Ask

Who should not use the Total Body Enhancement machine?

People with conditions that are sensitive to hormonal imbalances, those with photosensitive skin, and pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before using the Total Body Enhancement booth. Additionally, individuals with implants or pacemakers should avoid this treatment due to the vibrations.

Can Total Body Enhancement help with weight loss?

While Total Body Enhancement isn’t a weight loss solution on its own, it complements your fitness efforts by boosting metabolism and increasing muscle mass, which can help burn more calories. It’s best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How often should I use Total Body Enhancement to see results?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Total Body Enhancement booth 2-3 times per week. Consistency is key in seeing the benefits of red light therapy and vibration training.

Is there any maintenance involved with using the Total Body Enhancement machine?

No significant maintenance is required from users of the Total Body Enhancement booth. The machines are maintained and serviced by Planet Fitness staff to ensure they are clean and functioning optimally for each use.