What Happened to Bourbon and Boots? A Deep Dive into the Brand’s Shift from Merchandise to Blog

What Happened to Bourbon and Boots

Bourbon and Boots started as a beloved handcrafted merchandise company before transitioning into the rustic lifestyle blog it is today. For those wondering what happened to Bourbon and Boots, this article will provide a comprehensive look at the brand’s journey. Here is a short answer:

What Happened to Bourbon and Boots?

What Happened to Bourbon and Boots?
What Happened to Bourbon and Boots?

Bourbon and Boots started as a handcrafted merchandise company in 2012, selling rustic lifestyle products.

In 2019, they transitioned into a rustic lifestyle blog focused on content about outdoor adventures, southern heritage, home projects, family, and faith.

This shift allowed Bourbon and Boots to better connect with their audience through storytelling rather than selling physical products.

A Look Back at Bourbon and Boots’ Beginnings as a Merchandise Company

Founded in 2012, Bourbon and Boots began as a handcrafted merchandise company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They specialized in creating and selling unique, rustic lifestyle products that embodied the charm and heritage of the American South.

Some of their most popular original merchandise included:

  • Leather goods like wallets, belts, and satchels
  • Upcycled and repurposed home decor items
  • Custom bourbon barrels and crates
  • Vintage-inspired t-shirts and hats
  • Handcrafted signs and wall art

The team behind Bourbon and Boots sourced high-quality, locally-made materials whenever possible. This gave their products an authentic, artisanal feel that customers loved. Within just a few short years, Bourbon and Boots grew from a humble Etsy shop into a thriving e-commerce store.

The Decision to Shift from Products to Content

In 2019, the founders of Bourbon and Boots made a bold business decision. They chose to transition the company away from selling physical products and towards creating digital content focused on rustic living.

There were a few key factors that went into this strategic shift:

Focusing on Their Strengths

The team realized that while they enjoyed making merchandise, their true passion was creating content that celebrated rustic traditions and heritage. Focusing entirely on content creation allowed them to play to their strengths.

Connecting with Their Audience

Bourbon and Boots had built up a loyal audience who loved their brand’s commitment to rural lifestyle values. Creating a blog allowed the company to foster a deeper connection through storytelling.

Adapting to Evolving Consumer Interests

As interest in handcrafted and artisanal goods declined amongst consumers, Bourbon and Boots pivoted their business model accordingly. Their content-first approach was more relevant to their target demographic.

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The Rebirth of Bourbon and Boots as a Rustic Lifestyle Blog

In its new incarnation as an online publication, Bourbon and Boots provides readers with inspiring stories and practical tips for embracing rustic living.

Here is an overview of the topics and content covered by the blog today:

Outdoor Adventures and Nature

From hiking and camping to gardening and homesteading, Bourbon and Boots covers all things related to the great outdoors. Outdoor gear reviews and nature photography are also popular content offerings.

Southern Culture and Heritage

Stories that celebrate the food, music, traditions, and history of the American South are a core part of the Bourbon and Boots blog. Popular posts highlight Southern staples like biscuits, gumbo, and sweet tea.

Home and DIY

Bourbon and Boots feature gorgeous home tours of rustic spaces, along with DIY tutorials for projects like refinishing antique furniture or installing a stone fireplace. Their remodeling and decor content spotlights farmhouse, cottage, and cabin styles.

Family and Faith

Many posts on Bourbon and Boots cover topics related to family, faith, and personal growth. These heartfelt stories and reflections resonate with readers wanting to find more meaning and enrichment in daily life.

The Impact of the Transition on Bourbon and Boots

Becoming a digital publication allowed Bourbon and Boots to reach a wider audience with their rustic living message. Here are some of the key benefits they realized from the transition:

  • Lower overhead costs compared to manufacturing and shipping products
  • Increased brand awareness through search and social traffic driven by content
  • Stronger customer loyalty thanks to storytelling and community building
  • New revenue opportunities through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing

Since launching the blog in 2019, Bourbon and Boots has amassed over 24,000 Instagram followers. Their content now receives 5X higher engagement rates compared to when they were selling products.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Bourbon and Boots

Today, Bourbon and Boots stands out as one of the most popular and engaging rustic lifestyle sites online. As the company continues to grow its content offerings, it plans to expand into new formats like videos, courses, and podcasts. Bourbon and Boots also hope to host more in-person events for their community once conditions allow.

No matter what form it takes, their commitment to providing inspiring and uplifting content that celebrates rural traditions remains unchanged. For those wondering “What happened to Bourbon and Boots?”, it’s clear that the brand has found remarkable success in its transition from handcrafted goods to digital storytelling.