How to Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW

How to Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) is an expansive game filled with many challenges, one of which is deflecting Guardian beams. Successfully deflecting these beams can turn a perilous encounter into a manageable one.

Here are some detailed tips on how to deflect guardian beams BOTW to help you master this technique and become a true Guardian slayer.

Why Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW is Crucial

Guardians are formidable enemies with powerful laser beams that can deal significant damage. Learning to deflect these beams saves your health and shields and allows you to eliminate these threats efficiently. This skill is vital for survival and progression in the game.

Essential Tools for Guardian Beams Deflection

How to Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW
How to Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW

Ancient Shield

The Ancient Shield, available at Robbie’s lab, is an essential tool. This shield has the unique ability to automatically reflect Guardian beams when held in the guard position. It’s costly, but its benefits far outweigh the expense. Save up your rupees to acquire this invaluable shield.

Master Sword

While not specifically designed for deflection, the Master Sword is another reliable tool. Its strength and durability make it a solid choice for engaging Guardians.

Timing is Everything For Deflect Guardian Beams BOTW

Mastering the timing of your parries is crucial for successful beam deflection. Here’s how to get it right based on your distance from the Guardian:

Close Range

  • Equip your shield and face the Guardian.
  • Wait for the solid red laser to disappear.
  • As soon as you see the flash of light from the Guardian’s eye, press the parry button (A).
  • Timing is tight, so practice is necessary.

Moderate Distance

  • Observe the speed at which the beams travel towards you.
  • Learn the visual and audio cues.
  • Press the parry button just as the beam is about to hit you.

Farther Away

  • Adjust your timing based on the beam’s travel time.
  • It might take several attempts to perfect the timing.
  • Listening to the firing sound can help fine-tune your reaction.

Can you deflect guardian beams with any shield?

No, you can’t deflect Guardian beams with just any shield. Only the Ancient Shield or the Master Sword can effectively deflect these powerful laser beams. The Ancient Shield automatically reflects beams when held in the guard position, while the Master Sword requires precise timing for parrying. So, choose your shield wisely and practice your technique!

Using Audio Cues

Many players find success by relying on audio cues rather than visual ones. Here’s how:

  • Close your eyes and focus on the sound of the Guardian charging and firing its beam.
  • Your brain can react faster to sound than sight, improving your reaction time.
  • Practice this technique at various distances to get a feel for the timing.

Perfecting Your Technique

Consistent Practice

  • Engage with different Guardians to understand their firing patterns.
  • Regularly practice your parrying skills to improve your timing and reaction speed.

Visual and Audio Training

  • Combine visual and audio cues for a comprehensive approach.
  • Use training sessions to switch between focusing on sight and sound.

Shield Durability

  • Monitor your shield’s durability. Even the Ancient Shield can break after repeated use.
  • Always carry multiple shields to ensure you’re prepared for long battles.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Utilizing the Environment

  • Use the terrain to your advantage. Higher ground can give you a better vantage point to see the beam coming.
  • Obstacles can block the beam, giving you more time to prepare for the parry.

Dodging and Parrying

  • Sometimes dodging the initial beam and then parrying the next can be more effective.
  • Use side hops and backflips to evade beams while maintaining your positioning for a parry.

Upgrading Your Gear

  • Regularly upgrade your shields at Great Fairy Fountains.
  • Enhanced shields have better durability and can withstand more hits.

Example Scenarios

Close-Quarter Battle

  • You’re in the ruins of Hyrule Castle with a Guardian approaching fast.
  • Equip your Ancient Shield and wait for the red laser to lock on.
  • As soon as the flash appears, parry to deflect the beam back at the Guardian.

Open Field Encounter

  • In the open fields of Central Hyrule, a Guardian spots you from a distance.
  • Equip your Ancient Shield, focus on the audio cues, and adjust your timing as the beam travels.
  • Parry at the right moment to send the beam back to its source.

Final Words

Mastering the deflection of Guardian beams in BOTW is a game-changer. You can turn these formidable enemies into mere obstacles with the right tools, precise timing, and consistent practice. Remember, the key is to practice regularly, rely on both visual and audio cues, and upgrade your gear to stay prepared for any encounter. Good luck on your journey to becoming a Guardian-slaying hero in Hyrule!