57 Strong Female Viking Names and Their Meanings

Female Viking Names

In the vast realm of baby names, Viking monikers stand out for their boldness and strength, making them an ideal choice for your newborn. Delving into Norse mythology and history, we’ve meticulously curated a list of 57 unique female Viking names, each accompanied by its profound meaning. This compilation includes renowned women from Norse mythology and commonly used names, offering a diverse array for your consideration.

The Unique Role of Viking Women

Female Viking Names
Female Viking Names

During the Viking Age, women played a distinctive and influential role, setting them apart from their counterparts in other historical periods and cultures. While many were devoted housewives, others emerged as formidable female warriors, holding authority within their households akin to their husbands. This unique societal structure made Viking women some of the most significant figures in Norse culture. You can also generate more names with the Female Viking Name Generator which helps you to generate more names in seconds.

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Female Viking Names Starting From A to J

  1. Áma – Originating from Ancient Scandinavian and Greenlandic, it means “eagle”; in Norse Mythology, it refers to a giantess.
  2. Angrboda – Old Norse for “one who brings grief.”
  3. Arne – A blend of German and Old Norse, signifying “eagle” and “powerful.”
  4. Åse – Norwegian and Swedish, translating to “god.”
  5. Aslaug – Norwegian, denoting “devoted to God.”
  6. Astra – Norwegian and Swedish, meaning “as beautiful as a god.”
  7. Astrid – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, translating to “beautiful goddess, divine strength.”
  8. Bjorn – A name of German and Scandinavian origin, representing “bear.”
  9. Bodil – Derived from Old Norse, with a meaning of “remedy.”
  10. Borghild – Norwegian, translating to “battle fortification”; in Norse Mythology, she is the wife of Sigmund.
  11. Brynhild – A maiden in Norse Mythology, rescued by a man posing as her husband.
  12. Dagny – Of Scandinavian origin, signifying “day.”
  13. Edda – Old English, with a meaning of “rich.”
  14. Eir – Icelandic and Norwegian, representing “mercy”; in Norse Mythology, she is the goddess of healing and medicine.
  15. Elli – Norse Mythology personifying old age.
  16. Embla – Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, meaning “uncertain”; in Norse Mythology, one of the first two humans.
  17. Erica – Swedish, translating to “mighty ruler.”
  18. Frea – In Norse Mythology, the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.
  19. Freja – Danish and Swedish, meaning “lady”; in Norse Mythology, she is the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.
  20. Freya/Freyja – Norse Mythology goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.

Powerful Female Viking Names Starting From K to S

  1. Kara – A Valkyrie in Norse Mythology.
  2. Kareena – Greek for “pure” and Latin for “little darling.”
  3. Kelda – Danish, Icelandic, and Norwegian, signifying “spring” or “fountain.”
  4. Krystyna – Norse for “a Christian.”
  5. Lagertha – Old Norse, meaning “shield maiden.”
  6. Liefi – Scandinavian, translating to “loved” or “dear.”
  7. Liv – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, signifying “protection.”
  8. Liva – Danish, meaning “protection.”
  9. Live – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, representing “protection.”
  10. Margrethe – Danish and Norwegian, translating to “pearl.”
  11. Meya – Scandinavian, meaning “beloved.”
  12. Nanna – Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, representing “daring, brave”; in Norse Mythology, a goddess who grieved her husband Balder’s death.
  13. Nels – A name of Gaelic, Irish, and Scandinavian origin, meaning “champion.”
  14. Noma – A Norse name signifying “fate.”
  15. Olga – Russian, translating to “holy.”
  16. Olia – Scandinavian, meaning “blessed” or “holy.”
  17. Ragnfríðr – Ancient Scandinavian, signifying “beautiful advice.”
  18. Randi – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, representing “beautiful advice.”
  19. Revna – Faroese, meaning “raven.”
  20. Roar – Norwegian, translating to “warrior.”

Female Viking Names Starting From T to Z

  1. Thorunn – Norse in origin, meaning “Mother of the Bishop of Bjorn.”
  2. Thurid – Scandinavian, the name of the wife of the Viking named Thorstein the Red.
  3. Thyra – Greek and Scandinavian, representing “shield bearer.”
  4. Tora – Old Norse, meaning “thunder.”
  5. Tordis – Norse, signifying “goddess.”
  6. Torvi – Old Norse, representing “goddess of thunder.”
  7. Tove – Scandinavian and Norse, meaning “God is good” and “beautiful Thor.”
  8. Ulfhild – Old Norse, translating to “battle wolf.”
  9. Ulrika – Scandinavian, signifying “wealthy ruler.”
  10. Unn – Scandinavian, meaning “she who is loved.”
  11. Urd – In Norse Mythology, the Norn of the past, is one of three goddesses of destiny.
  12. Valen – Norwegian and Old Norse, translating to a “ford” or “shallow water.”
  13. Viborg – A legendary Scandinavian shield maiden who participated in the Battle of Bravalla.
  14. Verdandi – Norse Mythology, the Norn of the present, one of three goddesses of destiny.
  15. Vivica – German, meaning “little woman” or “of the strong fortress.”
  16. Ylva – Scandinavian, translating to “she-wolf.”
  17. Yrsa – Old Norse, meaning “she-bear.”

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Final Words

Exploring the rich tapestry of Viking history, our list of 57 unique female Viking names offers a glimpse into the valor and significance of Norse culture. These names, rooted in mythology and the esteemed roles of Viking women, symbolize strength, beauty, and resilience. Perfect for those seeking a name with depth and heritage for their daughter, this collection ensures your little warrior carries a name as powerful and distinctive as her spirit.